Checklist For Day Before Moving

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August 14, 2016
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Checklist For Day Before Moving

Checklist For Day Before Moving - Moving Company and moving service in los angeles

By the time you get to the day before moving, you’ll have had your share of checklists.  Things to Pack. Things Not to Pack. Things to Do 12 Weeks Before Move. Things to Do 10 Weeks Before Move… You get the idea.

If the most important moving list is your Moving Day Checklist, then runner-up is your Day Before Moving Checklist. Without it, you’re likely to wake up on moving day already in panic with all that has to be done. But with a day-before list full of checkmarks, you’ll spring out of bed ready to take on your move. OK, maybe you won’t be that enthusiastic. But you’ll be on top of things!

Draw up your own Day Before Moving checklist, based on your move’s specifics. Be sure to include anything you haven’t yet gotten around to. And consider these additions:

  • Remove pictures, mirrors and wall hangings from the walls.
  • Build your Do Not Pack pile, putting suitcases and things you’ll be taking with you, in a corner clearly marked for movers and packers to steer clear of.
  • Create a folder or binder to keep your household inventory, checklists (including this one!), and all other important papers.
  • Contact your moving company to check, double check and triple check that everyone is on schedule.
  • Secure cash, jewelry and valuables and put it with your belongings you’ll be taking with you.
  • Return any cable boxes, modems or other leased electronics equipment.
  • Do last-minute banking. Get cash for movers’ tips and emergency needs.
  • Return anything borrowed – including library books – and pick up anything left hanging out there – including dry cleaning.
  • If someone is taking care of your pets or children during the move, check in with them and be sure all details are set.
  • Back up your computer. Charge your laptop, phone and other devices. And while you’re at it, be sure your chargers don’t get packed.
  • Dispose of all perishable food, opened containers, and anything that could leak. If you’re putting garbage out to the curb for pick-up, make arrangements for a neighbor to retrieve the cans.
  • If you’re taking liquids with you, put them in tightly sealed plastic bags or containers.
  • Remove light bulbs from lamps and lights that will be packed and moved.
  • Drain hoses and anything that might be filled with water.

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