Do Or Not TO DO Tip Your Movers

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June 11, 2016
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June 11, 2016

Do Or Not TO DO Tip Your Movers

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7 Reasons Why You Should Tip Movers

  1. Tipping your movers shows common courtesy and expresses thanks to your service professional even if they receive a salary or hourly wages.
  2. When you receive phenomenal service from the movers, you should tip them. If they were prompt, efficient, thorough, pleasant and moved everything you own without breaking or losing anything, they deserve extra acknowledgement.
  3. Moving is extremely hard work involving strength, stamina, hand-eye coordination and the ability to stay calm under pressure. Reward this demanding job with a bonus.
  4. Many service professionals don’t collect large paychecks and, depending on the moving company, may not receive benefits or full-time hours. A little something is appreciated.
  5. Receiving a tip after moving is complete can keep movers content and motivated to continue the job with verve and diligence.
  6. Movers cannot always choose when they take jobs or predict or arrange what the weather will be like. Depending on the season, they may work in extreme heat and humidity that will drain their energy; fight their way through pouring rain; or shiver underneath several layers while snowflakes fall and ice dangerously obstructs their pathways.  A tip will make them forget the hardships they must endure.
  7. Money is not the only way to a mover’s heart. Providing lunch or snacks with plentiful drinks to quench their thirsts or warm them up will go a long way to showing your appreciation.

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Tip Movers

  1. If the movers you hired are late and do not show up when required or fail to show up at all, withholding a tip is understandable. The same goes for if the moving company does not send enough staff to handle your move.
  2. After the movers moved in all of your furniture and household goods, inspect them for damages and double-check that your inventory list matches what was brought to your new home. If you discover broken items or things have disappeared, do not tip them.  Talk to the foreman about your concerns.
  3. Some moving contracts will list a gratuity as an additional service charge in your contract. In that case, forego a tip.
  4. Although most moving companies will allow their employees to accept tips, not every company operates in the same manner. If you’re not sure, talk to a moving company representative before the move takes place.
  5. If the movers are unpleasant, rough with your boxes and furniture, and make you uncomfortable in any way, a tip is unnecessary. Express your concerns to the foreman.
  6. If you’re already strapped for cash and don’t think you can afford to offer a tip, forget the tip and at least offer cold drinks to the crew.
  7. Sometimes, it’s not even your choice whether or not the movers are compensated with a tip. If the same people do not show up after the initial move, you may have missed your opportunity to offer a tip to an absentee mover.

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