Great Time for Moving – August and September

Tips to find a reputable moving company -Moving Company and moving service in los angeles
Tips to find a reputable moving company
July 17, 2016
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Tips for Moving a Couch
July 18, 2016

Great Time for Moving – August and September

Great Time for Moving - August and September - Moving Company and moving service in los angeles
Summer is the movers season. More than 50% of all moving jobs are performed during the summer period and this is when the moving companies are most active. If you are about to move there are some key points in terms of tome you need to take into consideration in advance.
The best time to hire a moving company

Most of the moves are scheduled at the end and the beginning of the months. This is because of the rent of the apartments. Most people usually move from 27th to 2nd and this is why the movers are usually overbooked in this period of the month. In order to have the best rates and availability, you should try to have your move booked for the middle of the month. Having flexibility on your move can save you a lot of money or troubles. Movers usually rush the jobs if they have many more jobs for that day and this could cost you damage on your precious belongings or even having some of them lost.
Hiring professional movers on September 1st

September 1st is the busiest moving day ever. Many college students are moving in their dorm apartments throughout the USA. This makes the 1st of September a hell for the moving companies, as they rush to serve as many customers as possible. If you have to move around this date, make sure you schedule and book your move way in advance. You need to choose your moving company at least a month in advance, so you can be sure you will have your stuff moved in this busy period. Many moving companies are fully booked from July, August to the beginning of September.
Confirm your Movers

You need to confirm your move at least two times before the moving date. This is very busy period and many moving companies forget some of the moves or are late on the moving day which can mess up your moving plans completely. Ask for specific details for the moving day and the delivery date in advance. Also, have the movers prepare all the packing materials in advance if your moving job require packing help.
Research your movers online

You should take time to research your movers online before hiring. This could save you a lot of troubles. Ask the movers if they protect the furniture with moving blankets and if they are provided for free. A professional moving company should use moving blankets and take all other safety measures for extra protection. Sometimes cheaper movers may damage your expensive furniture, so you need to be careful when it comes to the quality of service. Use online service websites to read mover reviews and movers ratings before hiring your moving company to make sure everything will go smoothly as planned on the moving day.

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