How to Make Green Moving

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving
Frequently Asked Questions About Moving
April 22, 2016
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April 23, 2016

How to Make Green Moving

Make Your Next Move a Green Moving

You picked out your new place. You’ve arranged for the movers. You’re excited, you’re pumped, and you’re ready.

But are you green?

The environment might not be top of mind when you’re in the middle of a move, but there are plenty of ways to be kind to Mother Nature without going out of your way or slowing down the process.

The first and most obvious path for green move is to have less actual mass to haul. There is no better time than before a move to go through your clothes, electronics, small appliances and linens, etc., to get rid of the things you know in your heart of hearts you won’t be using.

The benefits are twofold. First, you can make a little cash from your unneeded possessions via a garage sale or tax deduction. And second, the less you move, the lower your costs will be. Movers charge you largely based on the weight of your possessions. Get rid of your junk before you move, and your costs should be lower.

If you’re packing yourself, you may be tempted to find used boxes around town. Resist the temptation, especially for heavier items. While it would be a green thing to do, used boxes are less sturdy and more likely to split while being carried.

A green move alternative: renting plastic crates. It’s a relatively simple process. Reserve the crates online, have them delivered, pack ‘em up, and arrange for them to be picked up at your new place. Because, let’s be honest—what are the odds you’re going to use those cardboard boxes again?

Finally, investigate the type of trucks your moving company offers. More and more companies are using trucks that run on biodiesel, which runs cleaner than traditional diesel fuel, the Huffington Post reports. It may take a few phone calls, but Earth’s worth the extra effort.

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