How To Pack Shoes for Moving

Breaking Apartment Lease - Moving Company and moving service in los angeles
Breaking Apartment Lease
June 16, 2016
Organizing for Moving - Moving Company and moving service in los angeles
Organizing for Moving
June 16, 2016

How To Pack Shoes for Moving

How To Pack Shoes for Moving - Moving Company and moving service in los angeles
Moving is a tough job, it takes lots of your time usually and it could cost quite a lot, too. And in the midst of so many things to do like figuring out how to pack your belongings, what to take, switching utilities, collecting records, etc. you have so many other little, but important things to take care of, like for example packing your precious shoes. Shoes are a necessity today, they could be a symbol of personal style and class, but even if you buy shoes only according to how comfortable they are, this article is for you. Here are our easy tips for packing shoes when moving.
How to Pack Shoes for MovingFirst, you could separate the sorts of shoes you have for packing – sandals, high-heeled shoes, boot, etc. – put them into groups. Separate those that you won’t wear any longer and decide what to do with them – you have garage sales and charity available or you could just give around the pairs you won’t use any longer. With the rest, it is time to examine their condition and clean up the pairs that need it. Once you are ready, take those pairs that you are using for a different season, in other words you won’t need them in the next few weeks or even months, and get ready to pack them well first.
Pairs of shoes

Pack your shoes the right way and they will serve you well!

After you have cleaned your shoes, dry them well because moist can cause mold to develop and you don’t want that, do you! Keep your shoes dry and clean before packing them in order to protect them at their maximum. You could let them dry for a few hours before packing them. When packing shoes for moving, it is recommended that you use boxes, strong, sturdy cardboard boxes. Do you keep your shoes in their original boxes? If so, this would be the best way to pack them. If not, find other boxes of a similar size. If you decide to get boxes for free from supermarkets, make sure they are not torn and that they are clean, without any dust or spots which could transfer on your shoes.

If you cannot find enough small boxes, get bigger boxes and pack more pairs in one box. Besides boxes, you will also need packing paper, a permanent marker, tape and scissors. Always wrap shoes in pairs for easier unpacking. So now how to pack your shoes for moving? Fill in shoes with crumpled packing paper (not newspaper because it could leave stains on your shoes) all the way up to keep their shape when in transit. Take a sheet of packing paper and your first pair of shoes to pack, place one pair on one of the ends of the sheet and roll it until the shoe is completely wrapped in packing paper, then add the second shoe and continue wrapping until you have made a nice bundle of this pair. This is how to pack all of your shoes besides the boots. You should wrap each boot separately in paper. After that, put in a separate box those pairs that have their own box.
Packing boots

Pack your boots by wrapping with paper each one of them separately.

Then take a bigger box and place the boxes with the heaviest shoes at the bottom. On top should go boxes with lighter shoes. After each layer of boxes and/ or shoes you pack, place a clean sheet of packing paper. If there are any empty spaces in between the boxes and pairs of shoes, use crumpled paper to fill up those. On top onside the box place shoes without boxes. Arrange boots next to each other. Place a sheet of pacing paper and tape well the cardboard. On the box use a permanent marker to write the name of the owner and the content of the box. Pack first shoes from a different season (for example, if you are moving in the winter, pack the summer shoes first. This is a good approach when packing shoes for moving because you can label those boxes and unpack them later. You won’t need them until summer anyway. Pack in a separate box shoes you will need after you move in to your new house or apartment, or soon after the moving date.

Load in the truck first boxes you won’t need right after the move and put in the moving truck or trailer last boxes with shoes you wish to unpack after you relocate. In the moving vehicle do not place heavy things on your shoes because this could deform them. If moving in rain or snow, make sure you protect your boxes from the moist because it could destroy your shoes. Once you have loaded your boxes with your shoes packed in this way, they are ready to be transported.
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