Important Moving Day Checklist

Questions to Ask Moving Company - Moving Company and moving service in los angeles
Questions to Ask Moving Company
July 5, 2016
A few Ways to Make Your Move Totally Stress-Free - Moving Company and moving service in los angeles
A few Ways to Make Your Move Totally Stress-Free
July 9, 2016

Important Moving Day Checklist

Many customers request information as to how to save money and get the most out of their move. We have put together a short list of tips for you below:

1. Clean out attic storage areas and your garage prior to your move. Donate all unwanted items to a local charity or have a yard sale.

2. Breakdown all beds, disconnect all appliances; including defrosting your freezer 24 hours prior to move date, as well as audio and video components.

3. Pack a suitcase to keep with you for the first night after your move. Ideal contents should include: clothes for the following day, toilet paper, tooth brush and tooth paste, shampoo, soap and other essential items you may need. Doing this will prevent you from digging into boxes after your move looking for things you need. Make sure this suitcase and other items not being moved are separated in the house. orvices long distance movers cheap moving boxes

4. Anything, besides large items, you would like our associates to move will need to be in a closed sealed box.

5. Remember to complete a change of address form with your local Postal Office three to five days prior to your move.​

6. Create a packing checklist.​

*Always check the weather*​

Commercial Tips

  • Pack all loose items and breakables
  • Prepare phone system for your new location
  • Disconnect all computers and fax machines
  • Remove items from desk drawers and file cabinets including lock pins and dividers
  • Tape keys inside file drawers
  • Confirm operating hours for moving​
  • Some office complexes require moves occur only after hours and/ or weekends
  • Most office moves require that a certificate of insurance be submitted with the Management Company named as the loss payee
  • Request that as many elevators be dedicated to your move as possible
  • Reserve the designated parking areas for moving day

Pre-Move Letter and Information

We want to thank you for hiring Muscled Up Movers, we take pride in our work, workers, and with our moves.  We care very much for you, your property, belongings, and homes or offices.  Your home, building, and safety of our guys and your family are our most important part of our move.  We have developed a list of items we either should not and/or cannot do for the responsibilities we have for our quality of work and safety.

1. Please note all of our moves have a 3 hour minimum. If you are a piggyback move there is not a 3 hour minimum but still a 2 hour minimum and still prorated every 15 minutes based on rate quoted. This means if they are waiting on customer, building any beds together, or arranging your location for you, you are being billed, and please note all piggyback moves are not guaranteed to start on time since they are based on the prior move time and is unpredictable to know when the prior move is to finish.
2.  Please note your moving time starts at the time they arrive at your door and stops when your move is completed. If your location is further than 25 minutes of our office then you are charged for drive time to and from our office.
3.  We require for you to disconnect fridge, washer, dryer, and any other major appliances prior to our staff entering your location.  We are not licensed for plumbing or appliances, we should not disconnect any water supplied products or high voltage for the fact we are not trained in this field and damages it might make.  In order for our staff to do this you need to sign a waiver and hold responsibility for any damages. CUSTOMER should also supply locking tools to move washing machines that require locking tools.  Washer and Dryers should be empty out, shut off, and drained of all water prior to move.  All refrigerators should be empty 24-48 hours prior to move.
4.  We are not allowed to carry any explosive items like gasoline, propane, and other such items.  If you have items with such components the customer should remove the gasoline from item prior to our arrival and we can transport such items if empty of any hazardous material.
5.  We cannot break down large items like swing sets, trampoline, other such specialty items, yes we can transport these items for you but for liability purposes we cannot, take apart or build back together.
6.  We can break down and transport baby beds and bunk beds, but our staff again for liability purposes cannot take the responsibility of building back together.
7.  We do move televisions, but we do not remove televisions from the wall or remove any items that are fixed to the structure of the house. This includes basketball goals.
8.  For the safety of our staff and your home we do not clean out attic space for the fact someone can be hurt and home can be damaged, if our staff feels they can you must sign a release of liability taking responsibility for any damages.
9.  Please note if you advise our staff to leave any items at a certain location or not to make more than one trip we are not responsible for any left items you had advised them to leave.  If more than one trip is being made the clock is still running and you are being billed.
10.  We are not responsible for furniture made out of “particle board” unfortunately particle board is not made to withhold moves or pressure during transportation.  Particle cannot be fixed or replaced, it is a one use item.
11.  Customer’s house should be packed up prior to the move, unless you purchased a packing option for your move.  ALL BOXES should be closed and secure for the move.  We do not carry open boxes.
12.  Please note our staff has the right to refuse service if they feel the move, item, the environment, or location is unsafe for our staff.
13.  We are not certified to take apart or disassemble Grandfather clocks, should you want us to move one please disassemble yourself.
14.  If you pack your own contents into boxes we are not responsible for any damages of your packing of your own boxes.  Especially if you pack cleaning supplies or anything with liquid.
15.  Our policy on any gun safe or items more than 400lbs is to have three or more movers on items for safety of our men and belongings.  We do not move any guns, or ammunition.  All safes are required to be empty.
16.  Once your move is complete please be sure to inspect your property and belongings to see if there are any damages or if anything is missing, you are only allowed to make a claim within the first 48 hours of your move, once 48 hours are over we cannot take any responsibility.
17.  We do move in the rain, but it is at client’s choice and client does take responsibility if any water damage.
18.  We do not give refunds; if we make damages then we fix or replace the damage area or items.
19.  We do accept debt and credit card with a transaction fee of $10 ($0-$500), $20 ($501-$1,000), every $500 adds on another $10.
20.  Tips are allowed, tips can be added to cash, checks, or credit cards.  Please note the tip on the invoice.

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