Items Should be Packed Last

Why using New Moving Boxes is recommended - Moving Company and moving service in los angeles
Why using New Moving Boxes is recommended
July 19, 2016
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Average Of Hourly Moving Costs
July 19, 2016
Items Should be Packed Last - Moving Company and moving service in los angeles

If you’re moving an office or packing up all your things in preparation for moving house, there is nothing worse than getting to the end of the process, looking over all the neatly sealed boxes, and realizing that there is something inside that you still need. Want a cup of coffee to celebrate a job well done? You can’t do that if the coffee, mugs, sugar, and kettle are all packed up at the bottom of a box, or more than one box.

A good strategy is to start with those items you rarely use or certainly won’t need before the big day. Books, out of season clothes and shoes, papers, and formal dining crockery. Never leave delicate things to be packed last because breakables like wine glasses and china cups will be much safer if you surround them with items that could serve as padding- towels, pillow cases, and spare clothing. If all your clothes are already packed you’ll have to unseal the boxes to find something to surround the fine plates and glassware. That’s more hassle than anyone needs when they’re trying to organize storage & moving.

Make sure you leave a couple of empty boxes to take the clothes you’ll wear the day before the move, and the towels (place them inside a couple of plastic shopping bags if they’re still a bit damp from your morning shower), toiletries, and household goods that might be wanted in the hours before the movers arrive. Leave those things til last, or if you want to be very organised, pack them into an open box and leave it to one side.

The things you’ll need on arriving at a new home should also be packed later in the process. There are two strategies here. Either you can have a special box with a set of clean clothes, sheets, towels and other overnight necessities in it, or you can simply leave a complete change of clothes til last and have them on top, in the box with the rest of your clothing. Whichever method you choose, everything you need will be easy to find when you get into your new home. You won’t have to unpack everything to find a clean pair of socks.

If you’re moving an office rather than a home, identify all the things you might need to work on before the move. If a file is current, don’t let it be packed up with all the old files that probably won’t be needed for weeks or months. Label one box ‘current work’ and put everything you’d need to answer an urgent question from a colleague or a client in there.

Office moves often involve a lot of waiting around. There might be spare time before professional movers arrive to pick up your workstation and spare time before IT staff can get your computer up and running in its new location. Find some work you can do on paper and pack that into the current work box last of all. That way you’ll have a way to use waiting time profitably.

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