Long Distance Moving Costs

Pack Coding for Easier Moving - Moving Company and moving service in los angeles
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August 10, 2016
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August 11, 2016

Long Distance Moving Costs

Long Distance Moving Costs - Moving Company and moving service in los angeles

The cost of moving long distances either across Canada or into the US is going to fall outside the classification of a ‘local’ move. Your possessions are going to be in transit for several days – in some rare cases even weeks.

But the good news is that there are ways to ease the cost of long distance moving, from Toronto to anywhere else in North America, and we prepared some tips for you below.

Tips to Cutting Long Distance Moving Cost

  1. Cut The Movers’ Burden – There are associated charges that relate to extra work moving teams have to do, like setting up and operating hoists for heavy items or shuttling up and down an elevator. Bringing boxes to the ground floor yourself can reduce labour and, therefore, these charges significantly. Although some heavy items should be left to the professionals.
  2. Lower The Weight – Long distance moving costs are based on weight and cubic feet rather than hours of labour. Thus, lowering the weight of your consignment will save you money. Sell unwanted furniture, give items away to charity and have a yard sale to clear what is not needed.
  3. Timetable the Move Appropriately – An accurate timetable is essential. On long distance journeys, your consignment will have to be stored overnight, especially if truck-swaps are required. These should be detailed in the quote, but any extra days in a storage facility will be charged independently. So, be at the destination address on arrival day to avoid extra storage charges.
  4. Drive Your Car Or Sell It – If you don’t like driving long distances, you may be contemplating shipping your car on separately – but is this really necessary? When the move is very long distance – like moving from Toronto to Vancouver or anywhere else in Canada or the US – you can expect to pay thousands of dollars more. Save this cash by driving yourself, or selling the car and getting a new one in your new city.
  5. Speak To Your Coordinator – A reputable moving company will have a moving coordinator that works closely with you to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Speak to the coordinator about what other things can be done to lower the overall costs. At Viktoria Professional Movers, our team members are happy to help you.
  6. Check Out Available Tax Breaks – You can claim back as much as half your long distance moving costs when completing your tax returns. There are conditions, of course, not least that the purpose of the move is for work, to establish a business or to study at university. Among the expenses that can be claimed back on are travelling expenses (fuel, meals and accommodation), storage costs, and property-related legal fees. For more details, check out what the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has to say.

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