Moving a Heavy Bookshelf in 3 Steps

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Moving a Heavy Bookshelf in 3 Steps

Moving a Heavy Bookshelf in 3 Steps - Moving Company and moving service in los angeles

If you have a bookshelf to move, then you should take some measures in order to ensure that the relocation will take place safely and will be successful. Be careful and learn the best tips for moving bookshelves which are usually heavy and inconvenient to move. But even if you have a small home library, the advice we’ve got here for you can help you organize more efficiently the move of your books and their shelves. Let’s get started.

Moving a Bookshelf

Start with the Books

Don’t ever leave books or anything else on your bookshelves or in the cabinet if you want to move it. Books are heavy, the furniture itself has weight, too, and if you want to lift them together, it could be too heavy, the bookshelf could get tilted and fall on the ground and break, or get damaged, and the books could crumple inside as well. And nobody wants to have their books and furniture crashed, right? So, remove the books. In case your books are dusty, clean them before putting them in boxes. If you will be moving a bookshelf to a different house or apartment, you will need to pack them. We have a special guide on packing books, if you want to know how to do it. If you want to organize how to move bookshelves to a different room in your home, then you don’t need special packing and special directions. Just take the books off the shelves in twos or threes, depending on their size and weight, and carefully put them in large, sturdy boxes. You can put the boxes away while you move the bookshelves, and then rearrange the books back on the way you want them to be. If you keep your books in a bookcase, you may also have other items in it. In case you have fragile items, check out some useful tips on how to pack them.

Heavy and large bookshelves should be moved with the assistance of professionals for your own safety.
How to Move a Bookshelf by Yourself

Before moving your bookshelves, cabinet or bookcase, empty their content and dust them off. If the shelves are not attached to the bookcase or cabinet, they should be removed, because when you begin to move your furniture, they could move inside and cause damages or break. In case your furniture is heavy, check if you can unscrew the shelves so your work can be easier. Pack the shelves separately in cardboard in order to prevent any damages to them. If you will be moving a bookshelf to a different premise in your home, just take the shelves off, clean them and stack them ready for the move. Put all small pieces like screws in a plastic bag and keep it with the shelves so you can easily put them back on. Next, get furniture sliders. There is no need to try to lift heavy things when you could move your furniture much more easily, safely and quickly by using furniture or other sliders. If the cabinet is large, get someone to help you move it on the sliders and push it to the new location. For smaller bookshelves that you want to move yourself, lift them off the ground by using your legs and arms. Don’t put weight on your back as it is dangerous. Wrap the bookshelves in moving blankets for protection.

Before moving your bookshelf, remove all the items on it and dust them off.
How to Move a Heavy Bookcase

Surely using the tips given above can be useful but there is one more thing that we could advice you. If you don’t want to engage yourself into moving bookshelves, you can always contact experts – that’s what moving companies are for anyway. Get a quote, see what results you will get and compare them. When filling in the quote, professional movers will get back to you. Let them know what you have for moving and ask them what it could cost you. Try to give precise and punctual information because if you give considerably different measures of your cabinet, when the movers arrive in your home and see the actual size of your furniture, your moving costs could change. It is your responsibility to inform the moving company of the details of the move. Also, if the bookshelf is very large, take measures if it will fit through the doors, hallways, etc. through which you will be moving it. If it won’t fit, you will have to look for other solutions like dismantling the furniture, moving it in pieces and putting it back together in the new location.

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