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Luxury Moving Services In LA - Moving Company and moving service in los angeles
Luxury Moving Services In LA
July 19, 2016
Moving In a Hurry?! - Moving Company and moving service in los angeles
Moving In a Hurry or Not
July 20, 2016

Moving Company Review Websites

Moving Company Review Websites - Moving Company and moving service in los angeles
The Moving Blog occasionally covers and reviews third party online services and resources about moving. Here is a compete guide of the major review websites dedicated to the moving industry.
1. My Moving Reviews

If you decide to find a reliable moving company, then you need reviews you can trust. Proper filtering of reviews is very important. My Moving Reviews is currently the online dedicated moving reviews website that filters its reviews. Designed exclusively for the US and Canadian market, the website provides free registration for moving companies with the ability to answer to consumer reviews so customers can see both sides of the story. Check also our review of MyMovingReviews on The Moving Blog.
Website address:
2. Mover Reviews

The fist and oldest US moving reviews website, Mover Reviews started as a beta service in 2003. Its database consists of all major us moving companies. There is a free registration for moving companies that can include more information in their account profiles.
Website address:
3. Removal Reviews

If you are looking for moving companies in UK and Europe, try with Removal Reviews. This is a dedicated moving reviews website (movers in UK are called removals) for Europe, but there are mostly moving companies from UK and Ireland reviewed there.
Website address:
4. Moving Scam

MovingScam is a forum about all things around the moving industry. It is not a moving reviews website as the definition, but customers can leave its feedback on moving companies and get responses from professionals. This is a great place to ask a moving question and get a fast answer or just to share your moving experience.
Website address:
5. Movers Search and Reviews

A relatively small website for moving reviews. A newly updated web design with some nice features there. Some parts of the website are still under construction.
Website address:
New Moving Resources Online

There are some relatively new online services in the industry worth mentioning.
Movers Reviewed

This services launched on the 1st of January 2011 and is still in beta testing. Its database includes all licensed moving companies from the Department of Transportation website database. The website does not offer free accounts but there is a free trial period moving moving companies. Looking forward seeing the latest set of features once the website is out of the beta testing period.
Website address:

SprintMover – Moving Company

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Phone : (888) 858-1511

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