Moving Tips When You Are Pregnant

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June 30, 2016
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June 30, 2016

Moving Tips When You Are Pregnant Moving Company and moving service in los angeles

Moving is a hard job and when you are pregnant – it may get even more difficult. Still, remember that there is one thing which is of most important right now and this is your baby. Whatever goes on, try to stay calm and not worry yourself for anything. Strong negative emotions are not good for you right now. There are a few things, several tips, that can help you organize your moving and have a smooth moving. Plan what you want to do and when to make your moving checklist and start your relocation job.

Moving out during Pregnancy Tips

Be easy on yourself. Drink a lot of water, relax, take often breaks when packing and search for help. Eat healthy and take care of yourself. Let your husband lift the heavy things and if he is not available – find a friend, neighbor or relative to do that for you. Moving furniture while pregnant is forbidden. Do not overexert yourself – remember that in this special time in your life yours and your baby’s health are the most important things to care about. Moving homes during pregnancy is easier when you have the right hand to help you so get enough helpers and know everything is going to be ok. At the same time you can do the driving – just remember to stop once in a while to have a break, relax and walk a little bit. If you are moving across country while pregnant and you know it will take a few days you better take a plane there and stay at a hotel while your husband and the help he has load the truck and move it to your new home. This will keep you off the hustle of the moving for while and you can take a break before unpacking your new home starts.

Moving when pregnant requires you to take care of yourself – do not strain yourself, drink a lot of water, take often breaks and don’t lift anything heavy.
Pack up Early

As soon as you know you are moving begin to prepare the packing. Do a little bit of work every day and before you know it there won’t be much to do in the week with the moving day. Start by packing things you won’t need in the next few weeks like clothes for another season, appliances like the DVD player, bedlinen, towels, dishes, cups and leave unpacked things that you can use for the several days before moving day. You can pack these last. At the same time label the boxes and have someone else move them by the front door before movers arrive. That will save you time on moving day. And remember: you are not supposed to lift anything heavy. You can move only light things – towels, clothes, bathroom things, etc. See what you might have forgotten to do before moving and move on to find a reliable mover. That will guarantee you that moving while pregnant will be successful.

Make Things Easier – Find a Good Moving Company

Hiring a mover in this sense of the word can help you a lot. Movers can do the packing and can even deliver packing materials to your door for free. In a delicate situation like yours your concerns should be about you and the future life you are carrying so let the movers worry about your moving. This is what they are here for. Moving in a new house while pregnant becomes so much easier once you have professionals at your disposal – especially if you are moving long distance. Movers can estimate your approximate costs for moving and all you have to do is ask for the moving cost estimate.

In order to make things easier for yourself and your family when moving during pregnancy find a reliable mover you can count on for your moving.
In order to avoid moving scams while pregnant check well the licensing of the movers you are interested in. Go to the Department of Transportation and see what information will come up for the mover. This means that the mover should be not only licensed, but you should also see information like number of trucks and drivers, number of past crushes, is the mover licensed to operate interstate, etc. Pay special attention to the ranking of the mover at the bottom of the page: it should be “Satisfactory”. If it is “Conditional” it means that the company was out of compliance with one or more safety regulations. After you have a reliable mover your moving should go along smooth and unproblematic and you should reach your new home safely and in good health.

Moving while Pregnant

Once the moving is over when unpacking time begins don’t try to do everything at once as tempting as it might seem to you. Moving during pregnancy will be safe for you if you slow down and do only what you find comfortable. Straining yourself would be exhaustive and unpleasant. Unpack first things you’ll need immediately and slowly proceed to stuff like books, ski equipment or winter clothes. Giving yourself enough time to do everything will guarantee your safety and health during moving while pregnant. And last, but not least, remember to keep up the good mood – you are going through an exciting change in your life and you are looking forward to your child.

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