Protecting Floors And Carpets for Moving

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June 18, 2016
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Protecting Floors And Carpets for Moving

Protecting Floors And Carpets for Moving -Moving Company and moving service in los angeles

Protecting your floors and carpets during the relocation process is very important – people move often and thus this issue is to be explored as well. If you cause damages to your flooring, you’d have to repair them before moving out, especially if you are renting. But even if you are selling your place, it is important to make it look nice so that when potential buyers are interested in looking around, they’d find a lovely place to make their home out of. And clean, well looking floors and carpets are part of it, naturally. Keeping your floors and carpets clean and in good condition is easy if you know how. Especially if you decide to move in fall, winter or spring, when there may be snow, rain, frost, etc. which could get your floors and carpets dirty quickly, you should know how to take precautions during your move.

Protect Floors & Carpets – the Do’s & Don’t’s

If you hire a moving company for your relocation, in most cases it will provide the protection on your flooring. However, always ask if they do this when contacting them. If they don’t or if you will be organizing the move yourself, which sometimes people do for short distance moves, without help from professional movers, you’d have to plan your own protection. When you decide to hire moving men or you just ask people you know to assist with this task, inevitably you’d have to plan how to protect floors when moving. If you look for floor and carpet protection to use, the cost of that would come lower than if you want to have your floors & carpets cleaned and/ or replaced.

One option that you can go for when planning how to protect wood floors when moving, is make the movers take everything to the garage first. After that, when their shoes are already clean, you can ask them to transfer the items you have from the garage to your home. But this way the move will take longer and the cost will be higher.
You can request from the movers to take their shoes on and off when entering the house, but it is inconvenient and it will slow down the moving process again as the moving men will have to frequently go in and out of your home. Or you can ask them to wear shoe covers.
Place a door mat in front of your front door to keep larger debris like pebbles out. Behind the door on its inside place another mat with the same purpose. It will collect what the door mat didn’t.
Another thing that you could do next is use floor protection. Look for items that don’t slip like rug runners. You can also get carpet mask but it might break if you try to move heavier furnitureon it. Either way, plastic coverage is not appropriate – it can shift while being on the floor, it can get slippery from moist and it could easily make someone trip over. Same goes true for paper – that would be even a worse option.

There are plenty of easy to find and cheap options for protecting your floors and carpets. Find out what they are in this article!
If you want to protect hardwood floors when moving, you can also use heavy duty paper and tape it. Don’t use it for carpets as it could damage them. It could rip if you try to slide or wheel something over it. Floor runners or area rugs would be more appropriate when planning how to protect your hardwood floors. Look for those that are self-adhesive – they are convenient because they won’t move when someone steps over them.
If you are looking for ways for protecting carpets when moving, use carpet mask. It’s surface is not slippery, it is self adhesive and provides good protection.
What is the strongest protection when you have to move heavy furniture? It’s plywood. It can create temporary flooring so that the moving job can be finished without any trouble.
You can use dollies with rubber instead of metal wheels. This is some sort of protection as well.
You can wrap the legs of tables and chairs with towels, put socks on them or other pieces of cloth, so that if someone drops something the floor could remain intact.
Furniture sliders are also a good option in this respect. They have various forms and sized and could be used for tables, chairs, desks, etc.



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