Protecting Your Floor in Moving

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Protecting Your Floor in Moving

Protecting Your Floor in Moving - Moving Company and moving service in los angeles

If there is one day out of the month that it is going to rain and create a muddy mess it will be your moving day. Alternately, if it is the middle of winter and your move happens to be scheduled on that one fluke mild day you have been looking forward to then you also have to keep in mind that snow will be melting and slush will be tracked in. You naturally want to protect the flooring and carpeting in your new place, but you also need to protect it in your old place, too, especially if you are hoping to get your security deposit back. It is also important to keep in mind that wet shoes will make kitchen tile and hardwood floors very slippery, which could lead to injury. Below is helpful moving advice you will be able to put to good use on moving day.

Start with Doormats

Any doors that movers are traveling in and out of should have a doormat on the outside that will catch a large percentage of the snow and dirt as they walk through. Only mats designed for the outdoors should be used because they are designed to dry quickly. If you put an indoor mat there it will only absorb water for a short time before you are essentially walking on drenched material. Materials to avoid include bamboo, woven cloth, and carpet topped with rubber backing.

Path of Mats

Indoors you can create a walking path of indoor and outdoor mats and rugs. If you do use outdoor ones, place them closest to the door, so they can continue to absorb moisture as movers enter. Make sure that any you choose will not slide around on the floor, or they can lead to injury.


You can pick up plywood for next to nothing from a home improvement store. This can be placed on top of carpet and flooring. You may want to tape heavy duty paper on the floor first to eliminate the chance of scratching. You can pick up roles of paper for this purpose.

Wrap Furniture Legs

Use towels or t-shirts or anything else handy to wrap the bottom of legs of tables and chairs. Even something light can be placed down abruptly or slid across a floor, leaving behind a scratch.

Carpet Film Plastic Protection

Roles of carpet film protection do not come cheap, but if you have light-colored carpeting you will agree that it was money well spent. Ideally, you will get the kind with the adhesive-coated backing to keep the liner in place.


When all else fails, old blankets can always be helpful. Remember that once they get soaked, they will not do much good, but they will help you for a bit. For a little extra protection, place broken down cardboard boxes under or over the blankets. Make sure you keep a few trash bags out to collect your blankets to wash.

Another piece of moving advice to remember is to keep your vacuum out so it is one of the final things the movers take while they are loading up the truck with the last of the items. You can vacuum the house really quick. If your new house is nearby then this may not be a big deal. You will be able to just load your vacuum in the car, and head back over there to clean later.

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