Tips For Local Moving And Costs

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June 19, 2016
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Tips For Local Moving And Costs - Moving Company and moving service in los angeles

Organizing a relocation could be very stressful, even if it is a short distance one. How does a local move differ from long distance relocation and what do you need to know to make it a smooth move? There are several factors that define the local moving prices and we will explain them to you plus all you need to know about having a smooth local relocation. To begin with, what is considered to be a local move is a relocation that is taking place at a distance of no more than 100 miles. The smaller distance of the move is an advantage in many ways – less travel for you (and your family), lower moving costs, no need for an overnight sleep for you or the moving truck driver, etc. Let’s see what preparation you need to have for an easy and successful local relocation.

Preparing Local Moving Supplies & Packing

If you want to organize your local moving yourself, you will need the right packing materials. Those are packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, moving or home blankets, boxes, markers and labels. You can use dishpack boxes for dishes and wardrobe boxes for clothes that come with hangers on the inside. Local moves take less time and travel than moving interstate and yet they shouldn’t be underestimated. Pack breakables carefully using packing paper. Be especially careful with electronics – it would be best to pack TV, computer, kitchen appliances, etc. in its original boxes. If you don’t have them, look for similar sized ones. For special items like a piano, it would be best to have professional movers pack them and move them.

If you will be moving your home on your own on a short distance, you could take some things in your car, use a trailer or hire a small van. For larger homes using a truck is very convenient – you fill it up with your household goods and just move them at one time. Make a floor plan so that you could easily arrange the furniture in your new home. In all cases, using a full service moving company is very convenient as it leaves just a bit of the work to be done on you (switch utilities, cancel subscriptions, find a new home to rent/ purchase and so on). Consider enough time for everything – packing, finding yourself a new home, looking for a job, etc. It is better to have ample time than get stressed in the last minute cause the movers you want to hire are already busy on your desired moving date. We have detailed instructions on changing your address when moving.

Approximate Local Moving Costs

Make your short distance move even easier by planning where to place furniture.
The local moving rates will vary based on the size of your home (number of rooms), type of items that are to be transported and the distance of the move. As for the cost per hour, you can expect to pay about $30 for a man and a truck. For two men and a truck the price could go up to about $120 an hour, for 3 men and a truck it will be $135 on average, and for 4 movers and a truck – up to about $160 – $170. If you want packing as well, add up another $30 an hour for the work approximately. The standard valuation is $0.60 per pound. Moving a studio apartment with 2 men would take no more than 3 to 4 hours and would cost you around $300 to $500 totally. A large home with 4 or more bedrooms and more than 5 moving men working on it would take about a day and a half work and a total cost of around $2,000 – $2,500. The expected tip rate for movers is about 10% of the total moving cost. Look forward to higher prices for moving during weekends and in peak periods like summer. If you want to know a more precise cost for moving short distance, you can get local moving quotes online here and find out.

But besides the moving estimate, you will also have other moving costs. Have in mind that whatever your moving quote states, you better separate about 10% of it extra for unexpected costs and such occur almost for every move. Spare money for your rent, daily expenses, utility bills, travel expenses to your new residence, and deposits you have to make. It is good to have enough savings before your move so that you can cover any extra expenses that will come up.


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