Tips for Moving an aquarium

Moving company for cross country move - Moving Company and moving service in los angeles
Moving company for cross country move
July 9, 2016
Reliable Moving company in LA - Moving Company and moving service in los angeles
Reliable Moving company in LA
July 9, 2016
Tips for Moving an aquarium - Moving Company and moving service in los angeles
Don’t risk the life of your beloved golden fishes or exotic fishes. Learn how to move your aquarium safe and easy in just few simple steps. Here is the complete aquarium moving guide:.

Most moving companies will give you some tips about moving an aquarium, but to make sure that everything is handled perfect, you need to make the moving by yourself or supervise the moving process.. After all it’s your fishes that you need to worry about.

So let’s start with the fish moving tips. Fishes are extremely pretentious animals and very sensible when it comes to moving, especially moving long distance. Even in the most comfy car, there is a great chance to loose some. Some exotic kinds just can’t take the long distance. Sometimes it’s just better to give your fishes to your neighbor.

Do, not try to move the tank when the fishes are inside, that is a bad decision. What you should do first is to take the fish out of the tank into a smaller transportation devise filled with water. You should empty the fish tank before transportation.
Moving the Fish Tank

The main problem when moving your aquarium will be the filtration system. After a short period of time, sometimes just few hours (less than a day) without a flow of oxygen-laden water, aerobic bacteria start to die. This means that if you are moving short distance (an hour drive or so), it may be possible to preserve your bacteria colony. This leads to the following process:

Put your fish into a holding container. (I will explain more about this below).
Empty your aquarium. If the move is going to be really short, then keep some of the water inside. That way you will keep the bacteria.
Disassemble your tank. Aquarium plants will survive a fair amount of time if their roots are kept wet, so it should be possible to bag them with some water and set them aside for hand-moving.
Move your tank. Don’t use a moving company unless you are sure that they are really experienced and have the knowledge how to do that.
Reassemble your tank at your destination.

Where to Put the Fishes while Moving

You should transport the fish separately while your tank is being transported. There are three basic options:

A friend’s tank (the best choice).
A pet store tank.
Temporary holding container.

Tips for transporting the fishes

For short periods of time (a couple of hours, tops) you can put the fish in sealed bags, half-filled with air. Fishes are basically too stressed during the move, so don’t try to feed them, you will only make the water dirty.

Moving aquariums and fish is not an easy task. The moving companies are usually not qualified to handle a task like that. If you decide to let the movers handle the move, find a moving company that has experience with this kind of relocation services.
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