Tips For Moving And Home Repairs

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Tips For Moving And Home Repairs

Tips For Moving And Home Repairs-Moving Company and moving service in los angeles

Moving into a new home is an exciting experience. Finally, homeowners have the opportunity to decorate the way they want and make the home truly their own. What many new homeowners need to realize, however, is that owning a new home is also a considerable amount of work. Although many of these chores may seem small and perhaps not all that important, the truth is that keeping on top of these regular home maintenance tasks can help homeowners avoid spending hundreds to thousands of dollars in repairs or other costs later on. For example, failing to clean and service the furnace can result in an inefficient machine that costs considerable extra money to run and heat the home. Here are five chores that should be done on a regular basis to keep the home in top condition.

Clean and Service the Furnace

While it is easy to not give the furnace much thought so long as it continues to work, as already discussed, a furnace can easily become inefficient and end up costing the owner extra money. If the machine has a serious problem, it can even be leaking hazardous carbon monoxide. Bringing in a professional each year to check the parts for breakdowns and ensure they are working well can make an enormous difference in how the machine runs. Throughout the year also check furnace filters.

Check Caulking and Touch up When Necessary

Caulking costs only a couple of dollars at the hardware store, but it can be an enormous money saver. Check the caulking around windows, doors, and other areas where air can potentially circulate with outside air. These leaks can cause a massive drain on the home’s energy bills. Caulking helps to keep out moisture, which will prevent potentially destructive water damage from rain and dew. For similar reasons, caulk is also important around bathtubs and sinks to prevent water from seeping in and causing mold problems.

Cleaning Gutters

Each year gutters get filled with debris such as leaves and twigs from trees. This debris can cause clogs that prevents the gutters from draining properly. If rain does not drain properly, it can pool on the roof and then cause leaks, water damage, and mold.

Change Out All Your Locks

It’s hard to say if for sure how many people may have had keys to any of the locks to your home.  Even if your home is brand new you can’t be sure that nobody has an extra key. Changing out the locks can be done by a professional locksmith or is a great weekend project. Take a trip to your local home improvement store and find the right solution for all the doors and windows in your home.  If you already have a home security system put in a call to your provider to make sure everything is working properly.  Whether you are a California ADT customer and moving to a new state, or you haven’t signed up yet with a particular provider do your research before signing up for a new program. Home security doesn’t have to be complicated talk to a professional and pick up the right provider for your budget. .

Repair Holes in Asphalt Driveways

Taking a few minutes each year repair small cracks throughout the asphalt with affordable asphalt caulk or a similar product can prevent the cracks from expanding and becoming serious problems. Repairing cracks and re-sealing the driveway about every five years can prevent water from seeping underneath and causing potholes and other problems which are far more expensive to fix.

Touch up Exterior Paint

Paint not only important for improving the appearance of the home, it also protects the siding and other exterior materials from damage. Carefully inspecting the home each year and touching up places where the paint is starting to chip can help extend the life of the various exterior materials.

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