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Moving expensive electronics is always a challenge. If you have spent years collecting expensive stereo components you will need to make sure that they are transported and packed safely and secured.

If you are a professional singer, you can hire movers specialized in transporting electronics and studio equipment. The cost of this service is significantly higher than hiring a regular moving company. In this guide we will help you plan and execute the move by yourself and save on your moving costs.
Moving Electronic Equipment

The first thing that you should do, is to check if you have any packing or moving instructions in the manual that comes with the device provided by the product manufacturer. If there are any packing or moving tips that are recommended or suggested by the manufacturer, then you should follow them closely. The product manufacturer knows best about what it takes to protect the product from damages when moved. Some expensive electronics should be configured for transportation mode to prevent internal damages while moving.
If you have enough storage space in your home, save the original boxes and packing materials of your electronics. They are specially made to protect your device, plus if you have the original box and packing materials that comes with your device, you will avoid the exhausting search for the proper packing materials to fit your device. If you are transporting an expensive TV and you don’t have the original box, buying one for your move will cost you about $150. Some professional moving companies offer renting a special moving box for around $70 during the move.
If the original packing is not available or if it is damaged, then you need to buy some professional packing materials. Start with these essentials: sturdy cartons, newsprint for wrapping things up, tape, scissors and felt tip markers to number and label each box. Ask your moving company to provide to you packing materials, but check their prices in advance. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy your moving boxes from the nearest Uhaul location.
When you disassemble electronics such as computers, stereos and other devices that have numerous cords, place small colored stickers on the end of each cord and the same color sticker where the cord connects to the device. This will save you a lot of time reading the installation instructions. Also if you don’t connect your devices properly you can damage them. Even if you have a warranty for the device, it is certain that you don’t need any additional stress of finding and dealing with the device manufacturer to cover your warranty.
To protect your electronics, you need to cover them with moving pads or light blankets, also seal the moving boxes with packing tape to keep the dust out. To secure your electronics further you can use bubble wrap, paper padding or Styrofoam peanuts.
Don’t forget to back up all software that comes with you electronics. Computes require specific software to run properly.

Finally, complete a full list of all electronic components and computer equipment (with serial numbers) prior to moving them. Submit that list to your homeowner’s insurance company.

The most obvious solution when moving expensive electronics is to hire a professional moving company that is fully licensed, insured and have a good overall reputation. Unfortunately that’s not always possible because of the costs, so sometimes you may need to do the packing all by yourself.
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