Tips For Moving with Plants

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Cleaning up Your Former Home Before Moving
June 22, 2016
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Easy Tips to Organize Your House Before moving
June 22, 2016
Tips For Moving with Plants - Moving Company and moving service in los angeles

Taking care of your garden outside the house or the plants inside your home has been making you so happy and now that you’re relocating it’s most natural that you may wish to have your plants with you. They make your home more cosy and comfortable and give a more pleasant atmosphere. Of course, you need to take care of the preparation when moving trees and shrubs in advance for a few reasons you will read below. Plants and trees need some care just any other of the household goods you will be relocating. Here is your guide with tips for moving plants across country.

Do movers move plants?

You may be wondering do movers move plants and in some cases they do, in some – they don’t. When moving plants long distance movers may not take them because the lack of fresh air may be detrimental. When you move plants cross country some moving companies will take them. Remember then to ask for a temperature-controlled environment during transportation. If you are moving with house plants in fall or winter the low temperatures inside a regular truck may cause damages and even death of the plant.

You can find a company that can engage in moving your plants but you may have to get a moving cost estimate to find this out for certain. In some cases it may take you a while to do that. When you find such a moving company, make sure you ask if insurance is provided because many movers don’t. Plants are very fragile and often get damaged from the relocation. Also, make sure that you read some reviews of companies that move plants cross country. Still, don’t get your hopes down because below we will give you some tips for moving trees and shrubs on your own.

Not all movers will move your plants or offer insurance on their transportation.
Moving trees and shrubs yourself

Limitations. Before you resort to planning moving plants across country make sure that this is possible. Some states and countries have limitations. For example, if you’re thinking can you move plants to California, you need to check the California Department of Food and Agriculture. It explains that there is a quarantine period so that pests or diseases will not be imported in the state. There are strict conditions for moving plants to Hawaii as well. For other states though like Florida the limitations are not that severe. Moving your plants may not be possible to some countries as well like Canada or New Zealand for instance. In order to get yourself acquainted check out the local state regulations. Otherwise you risk to not be allowed to import your plants in the state/ country where you will be relocating.
Prepare the move of shrubs and trees. If you will be moving your plants yourself, prepare with boxes that are strong and large enough for your plants. Line the boxes with plastic and tape to make them stronger and place the pots inside. Afterwards fill in the empty space between the pot and the box with bubble wrap or packing foam to keep the plant steady in the box. You can wrap taller plants with plastic – just remember to make some holes inside to let the air in for your plants. If you want to make a step ahead go green when moving with house plants.
Plan the trip and hotel. In order to move plants cross country successfully think about what you will do with them during the trip to your new house or apartment. Place the boxes with plants in your car on the back seat and drive carefully. The taller plants can be placed on the floor. If you are moving in winter, you may have to bring the plants in your hotel room for the night so that they want freeze in your car.
If you cannot move with plants. If you have some plants outdoors and want to have them in your new home too, you could take some cuttings or buy the seeds. Purchase as many floral tubes as you need, place the cuttings inside, pour some water in and cap them. In this way you will preserve your house garden as pretty as it is for its new owners and you will have the plants, shrubs and trees that you want at your new home.
At your new home. After moving with house plants to your new home, take the plants out of the boxes and remove the plastic as soon as possible. Give some water to your plants and find an appropriate location for them. If you plant them outdoors, remember that some changes in the climate like temperature and humidity, and also differences in the contents of the soil could affect the plants. Keep an eye on their progress and if you have some troubles find professional assistance to help you solve it.

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