Tips for Packing In Residential Moving

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Long Distance Moving Costs
August 11, 2016
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Checklist Handy Moving
August 11, 2016

Tips for Packing In Residential Moving

Tips for Packing In Residential Moving - Moving Company and moving service in los angeles

We prepared some useful tips to help you pack your belongings, and particularly those fragile or highly valuable ones to guard against in-transit accidents. At Viktoria Professional Movers, our residential moving services can include full-service packing and packing supplies, but you can still opt to do most of the packing yourself.

  1. Extra Padding – Even a relatively short distance residential moving has its share of risks, thanks to bumpy roads and sudden stops. So feel free to be liberal with the padding! Bubble wrap and newspaper are long established favourites, but don’t forget unconventional alternatives, like sweaters, scarves, blankets and even socks.
  2. Plates and Dishes – It’s not unheard of after a residential move to begin unpacking and discover a few broken plates and saucers – it’s usually due to truck vibrations. The secret is to pack them individually on their sides, just like in a dishwasher! Make sure their edges are securely wrapped with bubble wrap with little room to move around.
  3. Fragile Objects – We’ve touched on plates and dishes, but keep in mind that jugs, glasses, china cups and the like should be packed separately with their cavities filled. Socks are excellent for this! Be sure to pack them in large boxes with pillows or blankets to absorb the vibrations.
  4. Lamps – A tricky item, but it might just fit in the drawers in the dresser! Wrap the base in a towel, and disassemble if possible. The furniture is stable, and the towel provides great buffering going around tight corners. The shades can be boxed.
  5. Electronics – Residential movers usually advise electronics be packed in their original boxes – but chances are they’ve been thrown out long ago! Instead, wrap each component separately, then secure the main item (DVD player etc) in bubble wrap, set it into the centre of a box walled by a blanket. Add the smaller components on top, wrapped in extra padding.
  6. Mirrors and Paintings – It’s best to get a frame box for any large mirrors or valuable paintings. Most residential moving services will offer them, but be sure to fill the space between the mirror and the box walls. Again, a blanket or sweater is ideal for this.
  7. Antique Furniture – To protect valuable antique furniture, you can wrap a thick winter blanket around the main body. The material won’t tear during transit, but be sure to wipe surfaces clean first so no small particles can cause damage under the padding. Smaller kitchen towels and sweaters can be used around the legs.


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