Tips to find a reputable moving company

tipping the Movers - Moving Company and moving service in los angeles
tipping the Movers
July 17, 2016
Great Time for Moving - August and September - Moving Company and moving service in los angeles
Great Time for Moving – August and September
July 17, 2016

Tips to find a reputable moving company

Tips to find a reputable moving company -Moving Company and moving service in los angeles
Finding a reputable moving company is not an easy task. There are many movers websites that claim to be reliable companies with upfront pricing. Actually, hiring a moving company should be a very careful decision.
Important things to look for when hiring movers

There are several important factors to check before hiring a moving company. If you execute some simple steps, you may save a lot of troubles. Here is a list of a must do jobs when it comes to moving:

Ask if your moving provider has BBB accreditation. Look at the movers website for the BBB logo and search the company in the BBB database.

Search for a US D.O.T. (US Department of Transportation) license and registration number. All registered and licensed companies under the U.S Department are obliged to respect the rules. Make sure that the US DOT number is under the same moving company name.

Run some background check about your future company on internet . Read some moving reviews online to see what other customers are telling about this moving business you are about to hire. There are many places to do that online. Make sure you share your moving experience after the move.

Ask for a binding estimate by an e-mail. Most moving companies offer free moving quotes and some of them are pretty close to the final amount. Make sure you check all aspects of the move and all moving fees that may apply. Also request the packing supplies price list before the move.

Avoid using moving brokers. Using a broker does not guarantee the quality of the moving service. Most moving brokers work with more than 50 different moving companies, and every moving company provides different moving service. Try using real moving companies with a reputation in the industry and request a moving estimate.

In conclusion, we may say that having a reputable moving company could cost you the same as a self service move, but you have to choose the right professional moving company for the job. Ask all your questions regarding your move and expect clear answers. If you are not sure about a particular clause in the contract, do not sign anything.

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