What To Do List For Moving Day

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July 2, 2016
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July 2, 2016

What To Do List For Moving Day

What To Do List For Moving Day -Moving Company and moving service in los angeles
Moving to a new home is a long process that involves a good preparation. It all comes down to one important date – the moving day. This is the date when your moving finishes. Logically what to do on moving day is an important question you must be prepared for. In this relation we’ve collected for you the best tips around. They include information on how to prepare for what to do on the moving day and then focus on how it takes place. Also make sure to get organized to move in advance.
What To Do Before Moving Day Tips

Tip 1: Make a moving checklist and pack in advance some of your things. Planning what to do on moving day starts with preparing your luggage in advance. When there are just a few days left until the actual day of the moving think about the stuff you won’t need. If you are moving in the summer, you can pack you ski equipment for example. Check out what things people often forget to do when moving and stay up to date.

Tip 2: Trusting the experts. Movers know special techniques that they use for packing and loading so when you are thinking about how to prepare for moving day remember that they can do all this well so you don’t have to ride in the truck with them or worry about your belongings. Keep in mind that these people know what to do because this is their job and they are trained to perform it with quality.

Pack before moving day

Tip 3: Prepare for the movers. Another good what-to-do-before-moving-day tip is to look around at your home and make photos or a video of everything. In this way you will know the condition of all of your belongings. Afterwards when the day of moving comes you will be ready with a description of all of your inventory and be able to compare it with the same list that you receive from the movers. Also when preparing for what to do on moving day these photos and videos will help you make your floor plan for your new home.

Tip 4: Check the movers’ license number and think about questions to ask movers. When planning what to do on moving day check what the approximate cost of your move which is personalized especially for you with our free cost estimator will be. Compare the free moving quotes you get and take a decision after this.
What To Do On Moving Day Tips

Tip 1: When considering how to prepare and what to do on moving day a good tip is to ensure that your children and pets won’t be around. In this way there will be less stress not also for them, but for you as well. You will feel better when you know they are somewhere safe so you can actually focus on the moving itself. Arrange in advance before moving day for an appropriate place where they can go – relatives or friends. Otherwise they could be a distracting factor for the mover and take away of everyone’s time, too.
Moving day for kids and pets

When planning what to do on moving day arrange in advance a place to leave your children and pets. In this way you can focus and save time on the moving day.

Tip 2: In planning what to do on moving day a useful tip is to be at your old home until all the things have been moved out and then check again the inventory you leave behind. Has everything been packed? Have you missed to take something along? Take a look around again towards the end of the moving day for the last time before leaving your old home.

Tip 3: What to do on moving day includes also to check the list of your mover with your house belongings that are going to be moved. In it you will see a description of the conditions of your items. Read through it to make sure all is correctly filled in.

Tip 4: Be sure to give your contacts to the mover when thinking about what to do on moving day and how to handle it. They need to have it during the transfer of your belongings to your new home in case they need to reach you for whatever reason that may occur. Be available during the process of shipment if the movers would have to call you for any additional matters.

Tip 5: Cleaning after the movers leave is one of the things you should check in your “What to do moving day tips” list. Make sure you have in advance all the cleaning materials you will need. On moving day, after the truck has been loaded with your furniture and belongings you won’t have the time to start looking for supermarkets where you can buy cleaning liquids and mops.

Tip 6: When the moving day approaches be available. The mover will contact you at least one day before the truck with your things is planned to arrive at your new home to arrange with you the exact time of unloading.

Tip 7: In the preparation of what to do on moving day make a floor plan in advance and give it to your movers. They need to know where to put all of the things from your truck before they start unloading it. And after the moving day ends and you go to your new home you’ll know where to find every piece of your luggage quickly.

Tip 8: Be relaxed when thinking what to do on moving day and planning your steps to perform it. Try out our stress free tips, keep smiling and stay positive on the way to this new exciting change in your life!

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