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You finally bought that dream house accompanied with some home piece of furniture to make your home aesthetic or you have finally gotten a larger office space to expand your business and have gotten certain office materials that will see your business bring in more profit. The challenge would be finding a good place to store these new items or a place to keep your old items as they could be of great importance in the long run. You would definitely be needing space for that. You will find it interesting and refreshing to know that Sprint Mover one of the most efficient and fast-moving companies in the country is offering storage services to individuals and businesses alike.

To ensure that all your storage problems are over, we at Sprint Mover have built a standard warehouse. These warehouses are wide enough to store all your office and residential items in such a way that none is damaged in the process. We understand the importance of storing these items and piece of equipment at the right temperature. This is why our warehouses are designed in such a way that the temperature can be adjusted. Still thinking of storing that new piece of furniture? Contact us now!

Interestingly, at Sprint Mover we do not just offer our clients storage services, we also offer dismantling or disassembling services, packing and unpacking services as well as loading services. We have a team of experts that are always ready to have your items moved to our storage facilities. Once you contact us, our team of professional movers arrive at your place in less than no time, assess the items, dismantle those that need dismantling, and as efficiently and as safe as possible have these items moved to our various storage facilities. When your piece of furniture is dismantled, you do not have to worry as it is kept in a safe place with the temperature adjusted. Interestingly, when you need these items moved, our team of professional movers pack them up, then move to the new location where each dismantled piece of furniture is assembled before they are placed in their proper positions.

To ensure that we meet the storage needs of our clients, our storage facilities and professional movers are always available even on weekends. At Sprint Mover, our aim is to make our clients relaxed. This is why our team of professional movers handle the entire moving and storage process on their own.

Your satisfaction is very important to us. That’s why we make sure that you can carry out your move without stress. Our qualified moving experts have the necessary know-how to carry out the storage of your furniture. Call us, use our free pre-appointment and our individual customer service: Sprint Mover is your partner for your move!

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An absolute top company! After I was left by a dubious low-cost supplier on the half move, Sprint Mover helped me very quickly and cheaply. Had I known that, I would never have gone to a cheaper company. Very nice, friendly, reliable and absolutely serious! Totally recommended! It could not be better!

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Our concern is to enable you a relaxed residential moving in Los Angeles and Orange County. Whether it is a single studio, two bedrooms with a garage, or a family relocation

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A company move (office moving) means a lot more work than a residential move. More intensive planning is therefore indispensable for the smooth running of the project.

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