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The first question on the minds of most folks about to embark on an apartment or house-to-house move is where can I buy moving boxes? But what if that is the wrong question? Where can I find moving boxes is a better question. 

The packing process can be a long and arduous one. It is full of stressors, but the earlier you get started, the less stressful it will be. One of the very first tasks is to find moving boxes. You are going to need all sorts of moving boxes, from the small to the very tall. Buying is an option, especially if you need specialized boxes, but you might be able to find what you need with some simple Internet sleuthing or a few trips to local bars, restaurants, retailers or schools in your area. Don’t forget to turn on the charm. These might be items usually headed for the recycling bin, but it never hurts to really lay it on thick when searching for free cardboard.

When hitting up stores and retailers for these boxes, getting the time of day right is key. Many places will compact all the cardboard from their deliveries right away, so you want to make sure you are around before that happens. Try to befriend some of these managers before you make plans to grab the boxes. Quality intelligence is key to knowing exactly when to make the request. Remember, we live in a supply and demand world, your mileage might vary.

Hit Up Your Friends IRL

Sometimes just combing the virtual world won’t cut it. Ask family, friends and acquaintances for box hook-ups– in real life. Seek out that family you know with 5 kids. I’ll bet they do a lot of shopping at Costco and other bulk stores. The packaging on items from those stores could be a real boon to your box search. Your friend that works at the grocery store might be able to hook you up with a supply of nice clean boxes as well. You want to make sure you steer clear of produce containers or anything that has seen the inside of the butcher’s section. And don’t even think about the seafood crates. Leave those for someone that doesn’t mind their new pad smelling like the ocean.

Ask Around at Work

With all the office supplies and other paraphernalia that is needed to run a modern office building, the deliveries are endless. Make friends with the dudes at the loading dock. They should certainly be able to spare a few boxes or containers. 

Your company may have its own mailroom, which would translate to a heck of a score. Even if they don’t, check with your office manager or facilities guy to see if there are any upcoming deliveries scheduled. They may be happy to get rid of all that unusable cardboard that would otherwise need to be broken down.

Going Green

If you have a hankering for saving the planet, you might want to rent plastic boxes, instead of getting cardboard ones. Some companies, will deliver clean plastic bins to you and then pick them up from your new house or apartment when you are done. If you are committed to the environment and have the room in your budget, this might be the solution for you. At the very least, you will reduce the odds of finding unwanted critters. Sorry, but spiders and other vermin cozy up to cardboard.

May 13, 2016
Ways to Find Boxes for Your Next Move

Find Boxes for Your Next Moving !

The first question on the minds of most folks about to embark on an apartment or house-to-house move is where can I buy moving boxes? But […]