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Moving is a difficult subject on its own, but when it comes to moving into high-rise buildings, things can get a bit worse and tricky. Planning, organizing, packing, moving and storage are the main factors that shape the entire moving transition. No matter what high-rise building you are moving into (whether a condo or an apartment), be prepared to face new problems along the way!

First of all, high-rise buildings have limited room and means of access. In addition, they have very different and strict rules for tenants. I personally found this out the hard way when I had to move into a high-rise building for the first time in my life. I had no idea that I was supposed to have made moving reservations beforehand, which is usually part of the policy of moving into high-rise buildings. This cost me a fee and an annoying delay in the moving process. That was truly awful. Here are some things you should know on how to move into high-rise buildings:

The less you have to move the better.

Have you been pondering on how to make good use of those paper boxes from college? Trust me, now would be the best time if you are planning to move to a high-rise building. The moving and storage bustle can be quite exhausting when it comes to moving into high-rise buildings. One thing you should remember is that it involves lots of trips up and down elevators or stairs, which means that every moving and storage box will add an extra cost and time on your move. Before moving into your new home, be sure to take the time to thoroughly go through everything you’ve packed up. Get rid of all the unnecessary things. Donate, sell or toss out anything you don’t really use anymore. The less you take, the less exhausting your move will be.

Get a luggage cart reserved for yourself.

Most buildings have luggage carts ready to help moving tenants, but they will likely not offer them unless you ask. You will need to speak to the building’s manager to reserve a cart for yourself at least a day or two before the moving day. A luggage cart can make the moving day go by very fast without the need to carry just a box or two at a time. Exploit the elevator and load up!

Reserve an elevator.

Find out how many elevators are there in your building and whether they are available for movers? Some buildings use back elevators for movers, which means you will need the management’s permission to use them.  Sometimes, back elevators are allowed access only during particular hours. Make sure you check this to reserve a day and time before your move.

Get help!

The more friends and family members to help you with the move, the better. Moving into high-rise buildings usually takes longer than moving into regular buildings or houses. Aside from that, you will want to keep your moving costs at a minimum.

Hire a moving company.

Consider hiring a moving company seriously. Good moving companies with great experience help in saving movers from facing moving catastrophes.  They help arrange all the moving man power and equipment to move as many items in one go.

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