Moving and Staying Sane at the Same Time - Moving Company and moving service in los angeles
Moving and Staying Sane at the Same Time
July 27, 2016
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July 28, 2016
Tips To Move Plants - Moving Company and moving service in los angeles

Moving and storage is almost never easy, between the markers, the tape and the boxes it can be very stressful.

One thing that a lot of people do not stop to consider is how to safely and easily move house plants. We sometimes forget that our greenery is very sensitive to heat and cold and can easily become unpotted or damaged in a move.

One of the first things you can do is not water your plants for a few days before the move. You can always rehydrate them when you get to your destination, but not watering them makes for less mess and you can avoid spillage. Take care not to deprive plants that need daily watering, though. You don’t want your foliage to wither during the move.

Another thing to think about is transporting your potted plants. One thing you can do is to carefully untangle any branches, then put your smaller house plants in strong grocery bags with handles. If you put a piece of cardboard in the bottom of the bag, you can largely avoid your plants toppling during transit.

For bigger plants, use a large trash bag, pulling it up over the branches and leaves. You can cut a hole in the bottom corner of the bag to fit it up over the pot to protect taller plants – always make sure that the opening is at the top, not the bottom. It is also recommended that you place these big plants in boxes or milk crates for transport to keep them from falling over. Wedge bricks in between the pots and the boxes for added stability but, if you do this, take care to wrap the pot in a towel or something soft to keep the bricks from scratching your pots.

During transit, remember that your plants can die if they get too hot or too cold, especially tropical plants that need a certain amount of heat to thrive. If you are moving during a cold month, make the plants the last thing on your list to put in the back of the moving van and the first thing to take off of it. Get those doors closed as soon as you can, too, to avoid any cold or hot air from getting to your plants.

Lastly, when you get to your destination, give your plants a good drink of water. The best way to hydrate a plant is to fill it with water to overfilling and leave it in your sink for at least half an hour. Let it soak in as much water as it can, then take the dish or bottom off of the pot and let all of the extra water drain out. If your pot does not have a dish, just tip it over, with a hand pressed firmly on the plant to keep it from slipping out of the planter. The extra water will pour out and your plant will be well watered. Also, take a misting bottle and spray down the plant’s leaves as some of them do drink from their foliage.


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